Program Description:

This 500-hour certificate course of study is available to students who have earned their cosmetology, nail technology, barber, or esthetics license and would like to further their education.

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An educator plays a fundamental role in the beauty industry. Teaching allows you to share your knowledge and skills with others. You will train the next generation of hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, and estheticians. You will be a role model to many young artists who will see their future in you.

Upon completion of this program, you will be awarded one of these certificates based on your previous license: cosmetology educator training, nail technology educator training, esthetics educator training, or barber educator training.

Educational Goals:

Upon completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Develop lesson plans, prepare exams, and prepare other students for State Boards
  • Communicate confidently
  • Create high impact teaching skills and presentation techniques
  • Facilitate classroom interaction
  • Develop course outlines
  • Coordinate with our teachers to create your own coursework
  • Teach essential business skills for success


Upon finishing the beauty educator program, a beauty educator is not limited to classroom. Cosmetology instruction training can give you freedom to not only teach, but to have more options in the beauty industry. Some of these options for you can include:

  • Cosmetology instructor
  • Nail Technology instructor
  • Esthetics instructor
  • Make-up artist
  • Platform artist
  • Industry representative
  • Educational consultant
  • School director

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Prerequisites: must be one of these: licensed nail technologist, licensed cosmetology, licensed esthetician, or licensed barber

Beauty Educator Training Hour Requirements

SubjectDescriptionMinimum Hours
Preparation TrainingStudents are given guidance for the transition into becoming an instructor. Students are taught classroom skills, stress/time management, current state board requirements, students’ expectation, rules and policies, people/communication skills. Students will learn the many possibilities of complaints/problems and ways to solve them. The course will teach different teaching methods to make cosmetology education effective, interesting, and fun while also helping your students develop mentally, morally, and aesthetically. Reference: school catalog and state board procedures.100
Communicating ConfidentlyThis program will help participants become great communicators… the kind that gain people’s attention, hold their interest, and move them into action. Participants will examine the communication process, identify barriers to communication, learn to listen more effectively, identify their own communication style and key tips for communicating more confidently.80
Learning is a Laughing MatterThis program will leave participants with substantive information and strategies to make their classrooms a lot more fun which enhances learner retention. Participants will define laughter and identify its purpose in learning and the effects of laughter on the brain. They will recognize the benefits of laughter and its effects on stress as well as solidify how laughter enhances creativity. Strategies for integrating laughter into the learning process will be reviewed.40
Dynamic Team BuildingThis program focuses on the importance of evaluating the team environment and provides specific strategies for building a cohesive and productive team. Participants will define teams and teamwork, identify the benefits of teamwork, the ingredients for team motivation, and work through six practical steps in team building.40
Making the Student Salon an AdventureThis program will prepare educators to meet the needs of the industry through the success of their graduates. Participants will learn to assist students in developing a solid client base using referrals, rebooking, ticket upgrading and so much more. The importance of teaching learners how to develop success habits while in school will be reviewed in detail.80
Teaching Essential Business Skills for SuccessWe offer ideas and solutions for teaching your students how to communicate with their customers. You’ll be able to guide them to effectively recommend services and retail products. We’ll focus on building clinic floor traffic, increasing retail sales, doubling chemical sales, finding and filling clients’ needs, and much more! You will discover how to work smarter, not harder.40
Student Retention for SchoolsThis program helps schools and teachers apply effective school management principles to increase student retention and improve student success. Participants will understand strategies for establishing a vision and plan, having sound administrative and ethical practices and defining the school’s culture. They learn the importance of instilling student ownership, having energized educators, and developing a P – R – A – I – S – E policy.80
Powerful Teaching and Learning MethodsThis program gives educators the tools to develop their own creativity and bring more variety, enthusiasm, and energy to the classroom. Participants will learn effective and critical techniques in both teaching and learning methods including interactive lecturing, demonstrations, discussion, role playing, window paning, mind mapping, case studies, concept connectors, mnemonics, energizers and so much more.40