Why being a barber is a good choice

A barber is a person whose occupation is to cut and shave the hair in different styles. Hair will never stop growing, s..

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5 natural beauty tips you will learn at ...

 Are you thinking about a career in the beauty industry? If yes, you are choosing a very lucrative career. The fir..

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Tips for Enrolling in a Beauty School?

 If you have an interest in the latest trends in the beauty industry with a natural eye for balance and esthetics, ..

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What you should be acquainted with befor...

 A career in massage therapy field requires professionalism, behavior and good code of conduct. This professional i..

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Finding the Right Manicure

Finding the Right Manicure: How you take care of your hands will reflect on how you take care of yourself. Most women..

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Esthetic Schools Can Help Change Lives

Esthetic Schools Can Help Change Lives: With a growing pursuit of beauty and youth to many people in today's world th..

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Massage Therapy Certification – A ...

Massage Therapy Certification - A Millennial Career for the 21st Century: A significant amount of news coverage has b..

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Pursuing Your Career In Cosmetology

Pursuing Your Career In Cosmetology: Interest in pursuing specialized and personal services as a career path is gaini..

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To all Marinello’s students who ne...

  Notice to all distressed Marinello beauty school students.....Cosmotek College can HELP!! Cosmotek College welc..

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Beautiful Path for Beauty Industry

People always want to look beautiful, beautiful in all aspects, in terms of their physical beauty, cloths, looks and e..

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Being a Professional Nail Technician

     Being a Professional Nail Technician : Career Overview : Manicure technicians working in sal..

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Who is a cosmetologist?

Who is a cosmetologist? In the beauty industry, a cosmetologist is more than just a hairstylist. Cosmetologists are..

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Start a career in massage therapy

Start a career in massage therapy :  Do you want to help others who want to lead a happy and healthy life-style?..

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Modeling – Master Public Image

Opening a new fun course: Modeling, A transformation. Enroll now. We only enroll 10 students for each class. ..

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A sooner entrance into a new field’...

Millions of people have commitments, like raising children, or providing for others; cosmetology offers an ability to..

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Would you like to be an artist?

Cosmetology surrounds creativity, offering light challenges enabling one to express themselves artistically. The abil..

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Job Security!

People will always need to be beautiful; as the annual income of cosmetologists continues to rise, there is no shortage ..

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Would you like to be an artist?

Cosmetology surrounds creativity, offering light challenges enabling one to express themselves artistically. The ability..

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