Modeling, A transformation

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006Modeling, A transformation ---

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Condense workshop style training on the essence of modeling focus on self-representation and visual sophistication for life style and fashion imaging.  Students will cultivate a critical insight in interior self-transformation, cultured self-representation.  Gain ability to analyze elements of valuable images and ingredient of supermodels success.  Become aware of the art of feminine social construct in order to gain powerful attraction and get connected with your wilder temperament.  Researched, experienced during fieldwork and designed by Nin Filip.


Stepping stone on the student’s way to pursuing a modeling career or it is for personal photo taking hobby.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Become more connected with yourself physically and emotionally.
  • Acquire a new level of self-image and confidence.
  • Become literate with the visual language of fashion, commercial and contemporary art in photo modeling.
  • Gain appreciation for beauty and a sense of personal creativity.
  • Understand the education of supermodels


8 hours/week: 7 Weeks

Units: 6 /  Clock Hours: 56

Prerequisite: none

Learning Objectives:

1.  Understand the purpose and joy of modeling

2.  Become familiar with highlight iconic cultural figures over 4 decades

3.  Become familiar with gesture and language of effortless elegance  

4.  Become savvy with the interior sentiment of how to project realism in beauty (aesthetic theory).

5.  Before and After photo shoots and rehearsal of non-pose’s pose and analysis of gestural styles.

Session Topics, Readings, Assignments, Deadlines

Overview of course material and objective
Round table introduction of individual goal
Hand out & covering topics
Explanation of the fallacy of Cat Walk emphasis in model training.
Types of modeling in the industry
The prestigious agencies awareness
The life long benefit of modeling skill
Test walk, sit, stand, cat walk survey
Test walk, sit, stand with accessory
View celebrity images made by Nin and its challenges

2 The secrets of supermodels
The Six Acting Lesson: exerts useful essential
Moss, Bunchen, LiuWen success awareness
Turn initial failure into greater victory
The histories of Russian Supermodels
The fallacy of smile and the internal state value
Realistic expectation case by case quick analysis
3 The persona of super star models analysis
Short compilation of art film clip demo, concept, illustration 
Dress rehearsal 
The retrieval of event practice
The type of pictures and tuning into it
Fundamentals on audition etiquettes
Survey the language of lifestyle, commercial and fashion
4 Review point, how to get call back by designers
The charming element in beauty and professionalism Get in touch with the self & the transformative movement
The Looks:  team selection
5 The photo shoot
Picture analysis; learn how to learn from image trends – every super model journey.
Read and appreciate Sign and Signifier
Productive relationship with photographers for success
The edginess’ conception from Veruska to …
6 Agencies appropriation target and market
Fair practice contract
How to approach the right agency for the right model type 
FINAL PHOTO SHOOT:  portfolio opening