Cosmotek College Ambition Scholarship

Cosmotek College Ambition Scholarships are gifts as they don’t need to be repaid. We offers from $1000 to $10,000 scholarship to help students live their dreams! The amount rewarded will be based on the basis of needs and disadvantaged backgrounds. To qualify for this scholarship, student must show proof of income and must complete a Director Scholarship application.

Veteran’s Education Benefits

Some of our programs are approved for Veteran’s Educational Benefits for veterans, eligible dependents of deceased or disabled veterans and active status National Guard and Reserve personnel. Any student interested in this type of benefit must verify with the VA office and a school representative.

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

The Department of Labor and Department of Education created WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) to help remove barriers for those who have trouble finding a high quality career. WIOA helps job seekers acquire industry-recognized credentials for in-demand jobs.

Eligible job seekers can be eligible for up to $6,000 in financial assistance to pursue certification training programs.

Cosmotek College has partnered with American Job Centers as an approved training provider in California. Use your WIOA assistance to invest in our short-term training programs for a national certifications in business, real estate, massage, and IT industry.

Worker’s Compensation Retraining Program

Cosmotek College is an approved school for Worker Comp retraining program. We can design a career training program that is right for you, given your injuries/disabilities.

A retraining program is a workers’ compensation benefit that is designed to help injured employees re-enter the workforce. The benefit allows a permanently disabled worker to be paid two-thirds of his or her weekly wage while training for a new job in a different field. A vocational rehabilitation counselor will help you enroll in a school or certification program that will lead to gainful employment. When you do find a job, your workers’ compensation wage loss benefits will stop. However, if you are only able to find a job that pays you less than your previous wage, workers’ compensation must make up the difference.

What is a retraining voucher?

A retraining voucher is simply the name for the workers’ compensation benefit allocated for job retraining expenses. The voucher can be used to pay for school or professional certification in California, as well as any books or materials required for the course. An injured worker can use up to 10 percent of the voucher’s value for career counseling services, such as resume building or interview assistance.

The value of the retraining voucher depends on the date of your injury. For injuries occurring in 2013 or after, the voucher is worth $6,000 for all permanently disabled workers. The retraining voucher cannot be used to pay for anything other than the expenses related to a retraining program, and it must be used within two years of its issue date or within five years of the injury, whichever is later.

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

Cosmotek College is an approved training provider and will

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) is a federal program established to assist U.S. workers who have lost their jobs due to foreign trade. The program seeks to provide affected workers with opportunities to obtain the skills, career counseling, job search and reallocation allowances, potential income support for workers in training programs, and wage supplements for older workers.

If foreign trade is believed to have played a significant part in job losses, then the following people/groups may file for TAA on behalf of the affected workers with the Department of Labor (DOL):

  • An employer.
  • A group of three workers or more.
  • A union or worker representative.
  • An America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) representative.

For more information and to apply for CTB through TAA, follow this link

California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKS)

The CalWORKs Welfare to Work program provides funding for skills training necessary for employment. It provides monthly assistance to families that have children living in the home, and are in financial need. The CalWORKs program is administered by the Department of Social Services and is available to eligible residents in all 58 counties within California.

To learn more and to apply, follow this link