When student approach his/her graduation, a student is advised to attend at least one workshop with the career counselor free of charge. Job placement workshops are opened to help students with resume preparing, job search skills, interview techniques, desired work ethics and techniques for advancement in your career. Cosmotek College job placement will make and maintain contacts with companies, and organizations throughout the United States. We take our best effort to assist students in finding the positions that meet their desires and skills. However, we do not guarantee placement. Cosmotek College’s students may receive this service life-time.

Students are required to provide written employer statement to the career counselor immediately upon becoming gainfully employed to qualify as part of their graduation requirement.

Contact the school at (408) 999-0446 or email info@cosmotekcollege.com for job opportunities. Check out Cosmotek College web site and Social Networking Sites (Linkedin, facebook, twitter, yelp,..) for the latest job posts.