Training requirements for applicants to California Real Estate Salesperson License Examination.

This 545-hour loan officer and real estate course  is directed toward professional loan officers, mortgage loan brokers and aspirants to the field.  This course offers a review of the loan application process, the significance and analysis of a loan applicant’s credit report, and the consequence and important of understanding legal obligations implied in the preparation and submittal of a good estimate. The object of this course is to reinforce existing skills of the practicing loan officer as well as augment skills required to quality and process a loan.  

A real estate salesperson is an individual who negotiates the sale, purchase, exchange or rental of another’s interests in real estate, business opportunities and options.  Real Estate Investing perhaps is the safest way to make a fortune.  With little or no money down, a real estate salesperson can obtain properties and make a profit by renting them or selling them.  Some of the richest people in the world made their fortune in real estate.

Real estate salespeople may perform the following tasks:

   •  advise on intrinsic worth of properties and terms of sale

•  estimate the current market price and suggest a reserve or minimum selling price

•  discuss the method of sale, presentation of the property, costs and inspection times with sellers

•  assess buyers’ needs and locate properties for their consideration

•  list details of land or buildings for sale and arrange for the advertising of properties

•  take prospective buyers to inspect properties

•  draw up legal agreements between sellers and buyers

•  arrange finance and insurance


Our goal is to provide aspiring professionals, as well as anyone wanting to start a new rewarding career, with the opportunity to succeed and grow in the mortgage industry.  We have combined our school integrity, experienced professionals, a successful track record, and corporate support from our business partners to achieve our goal. We invite anyone to take advantage of the training program to enhance their life to the fullest. We teach loan officers to succeed by finding and speaking to more people that are interested in or would benefit by borrowing money, turning those prospects into committed loan applications, competing against the internet and all of the “bad loan officers” that a borrower will quickly find if they decide to “shop around”, to avoid selling rate and sell a mortgage as a service not a product, to understand the tax and leverage advantages of home ownership and debt consolidation, monthly cash flow, equity acceleration, leverage, investing monthly savings for a future value, to package a file that processors only dream of and much, much more.

Prerequisite: None

40 hours / week: 14 weeks

20 hours / week: 28 weeks

Units: 55 / Clock hours: 545

CAREERS: Upon graduation, you may choose to be a Loan Processor, Loan Officer, Loan Originator, Loan Analyst, Loan Consultant, Jr. Underwriter, Loan Specialist

Course CodeCourse NameUnitsClock Hours
REFINANCEReal Estate Finance4.545
REPRAReal Estate Practice4.545
REPRINReal Estate Principles4.545
REPROLoan Processing41410