Modeling – Master Public Image

Opening a new fun course: Modeling, A transformation.
Enroll now. We only enroll 10 students for each class.

To be a supermodel, one must exhibit Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. These are skills that are picked up through experience and knowledge in the beauty industry. Charisma includes a savvy with flow and conserved professionalism, which pops with style and execution.

To be Unique, you need to stand out – What makes you special? – a keen eye to fashion, flow, and a passion for beauty in your own way. One must also have a finished polished look with confidence in every step.

And the rest is technical – learn the moves to show your catwalk skills from the sway to the provocative looks that the camera loves. You’re only as successful as you look on print, and we can teach you the skills it takes to exude the qualities of an award-winning figure.

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