Objective / Careers:

pre-licensing requirement for real estate agent or real estate broker license


45 hours correspondent course

The Escrow course consists of spending a minimum of a 45-hours reading and studying the course textbook, taking the non-graded chapter quizzes and passing a final examination.

The final examination can be taken a minimum of 18 days from the date the students have access to the course materials.

No two courses can be competed in less then five weeks.

It is very important that the name used when submitting materials to the school is spelled exactly the same as the name under which you will be applying for your real estate license examination.

The student has a minimum of 2 ½ weeks studying the course. The maximum time a student has to complete the course is 12 months from the date of registration. If the final exam is not completed within this time, the course is expired and no credit will begin toward any part. If the student does not complete the course within the one year period, the student needs to re-enroll as a new student and pay the full tuition fee.


cover all subjects in the text book An Introduction to Escrow by Walt Huber, newest edition.