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--Uyen D.

"I have always been very interested in fashion, make-up, and hair styles. I have always dabbled on my own with make-up and hair with no formal training. I’ve been interested in learning the fashion trade from a professional institution for a long time now, but never had the courage to pursue any classroom time. I was a bit hesitant and nervous about actually applying and go through with idea of cosmetology, but I’m very happy I took a chance with Cosmotek College. The counselors and teachers there are very supportive and very skilled at their craft. I never knew there was so much more to know about nails, hair, and make-up before I started taking classes there. Every week I am excited to attend class and keep growing my skill set. Along with the staff, the other students there are great to work with. Everyone is eager to help one another and that makes for a terrific atmosphere. I highly would recommend any aspiring cosmetology student to check-out Cosmotek College."

--Chau B.

"I am so very happy to have joined Cosmotek College. I recently graduated from Cosmotek College and I have found a great saloon to work at. I am grateful that Cosmotek College exist because they helped me get out of a dead-end part-time job at the convenience store I was employed at. Now I make good money at the saloon and on weekends I help with make-up for wedding events. I am truly thankful to be finally financially independent on my own. My mom is also very happy that I am my own woman now too! Big thanks to the staff at Cosmotek College!"

--Jackie K.

"Before I joined Cosmotek College, I had researched several other cosmetology institutions. I’m glad I eventually chose Cosmotek College.  The staff and instructors here are so nice and so supportive. They are great at teaching the trade. The campus is very modern and comfortable. It’s a great place to come and learn and practice all the facets of cosmetology. All the students here are my friends and we support one another. It’s also fun to try new things we learn here on the other students too.  My younger sister knows how much I enjoy the learning  and experience at Cosmotek so much that my younger sister is thinking of joining herself too."

--Alexandra J.

"Cosmotek College does not only prepare the students to pass state board exam on the first attempt, but they also prepare the students with cosmetology skills to work in a professional salon. My enrollment in the college allows me to learn all these valuable skills: hair styling, hair extension, male/female hair cut styles, skin care, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, European facials, gel nails, nail designs, eyelash extension."

--Veronica B.

"I love the idea of lifetime career support and lifetime continuing education at no additional cost. I graduated back in 2007 when hair extension and eyelashes extension were not popular at the time.  Cosmotek College allowed me to go back for FREE of charge! It's the best gift I ever received towards my education. No other school would do this for free. Cosmotek College ROCKS!"

--Michelle C.

"I’ve learned so much from taking the real estate and loan processing class from Ms. Cynthia Trinh. We had seven students in our class and all of us passed the real estate exam on the first try. She also gave us a comprehensive walk-though of all the real estate software and the underwriting procedures. Her method of teaching is fun. She uses real life examples. She highlights what is needed to pass state board exam. She constantly gives updates on current laws and regulations changes."

--Francis D.

"I enrolled in Cosmotek College to learn about massage therapy. The cost is affordable and it does allows the students to learn all aspects of massage techniques. The environment and room set-up is very professionally done. After graduation, I was able to partner up with another classmate to open our own massage parlor business. Being our own business owner is rewarding.  The business is fun and effortless and best of all, it provides real income!"

--Bertha R.

"I've only recently enrolled and become a student here at Cosmotek College, but I'm so happy I made that decision. The classes and instructions are well prepared and informative. I'm learning a lot after every class. I'm real excited to continue. I can't wait until the day I get to graduate and get licensed to work in the world of hair and make-up and everything beauty."

--Luisana M

"I'm currently working two part-time jobs already, but I still insist on making time to still attend classes at Cosmotek College. I want to eventually get my license to do nails and just work doing nails full time instead of the current jobs I struggle doing now. I really like the staff here at the college. They are very good at teaching and helping you understand the technique. They also spend additional time to help out individual students when someone is struggling. The environment is modern and clean and just fun to be at. Cosmotek College is awesome!"