Cosmotek College believes that the talents, hopes, and ambitions of all people are among our nation most valued possessions. With this thought, this school continues to promote scholarship, and grants for qualified, deserving students, who would normally be deprived of a college education because of inadequate funds, to attend college. In awarding funds to eligible students, the amount and the type of self-help will be related to the circumstances of the individual and the largest amount of grant assistance will be offered to students with the least ability to pay. Grants do not have to be repaid.

All tuition and fees are payable in advance unless other arrangements have been made prior to commencement of classes. Payment schedules (weekly, monthly) are available. No interest is charged by this institution when the course is paid in full prior to completion of the course. All students are encouraged to visit the financial office to determine their eligibility.

At the time of graduation or early withdrawal, the student is responsible for any outstanding tuition, and any student loan obligation. Cosmotek College reserves the right to withhold certain services and eligibility from students

who owe a financial obligation to the institution.

The school does not participate in federal and state financial aid programs.

The school accepts payments from these agencies. You may contact them for eligibility:

Work2Future, Nova, Opportunity Fund