Why being a barber is a good choice

A barber is a person whose occupation is to cut and shave the hair in different styles.

Hair will never stop growing, so barbering will always be on demand!!!!!

History of barbering:

The word barber comes from a Latin word “Barba” which means beard. In past barbers were not only restricted to cut, shave and dressing, they were also involved in surgery and dentistry.

Barbering has become a trendy profession rather than just means of livelihood. Due to the hype that is seen in the recent years, the art of barbering has grabbed its attention.

Number of barber shops have popped up here and there with lots of competition in trendy hairstyles and beard styles.

Things to be noted before becoming a barber:

1) Check out if the profession suites you- to do this you’ll have to visit the barber shops in different timings and analyze pros and cons.

2) Personal physical condition should be considered- as barbers will spend most of the time on their feet, it is important to compare the personal health condition with the professional aspects of the job.

3) Social skills- Not only the training and knowledge about tools, cuts and shaves, barbers should also learn to be social with the customers.

4) High school diploma or GED is a must.

5) Working with an experienced barber helps you to gain practical experiences.

6) Taking up a barbering program- along with learning of cutting and shaving, a barber should have the knowledge of safe and sanitary tools, hair textures, facial hair care and product knowledge of the cosmetics.

7) Must finish a 1500 hours at an approved barber school and must pass state board exam. Contact to learn more.

Pros of becoming a barber:


You are the boss and you’ll never be out of the job.

Decent income:

Income of the barbers depend on the trendy haircuts they do, the location of the shop and the services they provide.

Flexible working hours:

A barber can choose his work timings. He can close his shop whenever he desires.

You can be an artist to the folks:

You can be an artist and try new styles to satisfy the clients.

A barber’s goal is to give a comfortable and ease feel to the client while their hair is being cut.

Cons of being a barber:

Every pro comes with a con.

The following can be considered as cons of becoming a barber:

Barbers will be liable for everything which includes cut, bruises. A barber should take extra care while working with clients. He will have the responsibility of the client’s hair and skin, regardless of what happens. He should have complete knowledge about what he does.

Barbers will have to work on weekends and holidays to increase the business

Ultimately it is the skill of the barbers which influence their income. Skilled barbers who perform trendy and required cuts and shaves and great customer services will have repeated customers and plenty of customer referrals.

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