Program Description:

The massage therapy 500 course of study consists of 500 clocked hours prepare you to take the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) Certification. More and more people are realizing the therapeutic and rejuvenating qualities of massage. That means great job prospects for you as a well-trained massage therapist. At Cosmotek College, with our unique curriculum including the best of Eastern, Western and Ancient practices as well as the latest techniques.

Couple getting relaxing massage from professional massage therapist

Cosmotek College Massage Therapy program is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment as a Massage Therapist. Upon completion of our Massage Therapy program, you will gain in–depth educational skills that increase your knowledge and develop specialized techniques of massage; you will have all the tools you need to succeed as a certified Massage Therapist. The course is designed to prepare students to take on a rewarding career as a highly competitive professional in the massage industry.

Educational Goals:

Upon completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Talk with clients about symptoms, medical history, and desired results
  • Evaluate clients to locate painful or tense areas of the body
  • Manipulate muscles or other soft tissues of the body
  • Provide clients with guidance on stretching, strengthening, overall relaxation, and how to improve their posture
  • Document client’s condition and progress
Diagram of back pain and massage therapy solution


After graduation, you will be facing a diversity of job possibilities including entry-level employment as a message therapist and or to enter private practice. You may choose to work in Massage clinics, Spas, Hospitals, Doctors’ offices or Sporting events and more!

"Become a highly trained and qualified massage therapist at Cosmotek College. Affordable tuition, financial aid, and flexible schedule"
Relaxing massage performed by professional massage therapist

Instructional Resources:

Text Books, Notebook, Pens and pencils. PC, Notebook, Pens and pencils, internet access, massage table, massage chair, massage oils Text Book: Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, latest edition Publisher: Milady Authors: Makr F. Beck

Course Content: 500 clock hours

Prerequisite: None

Massage Therapy 500 - Topics and Required Clock Hours
Subjects Hours
The History and Advancement of Therapeutic Massage 10
Anatomy and Physiology 70
Health and Hygiene 20
Massage Practice, Contraindications 100
Massage Techniques 280
Business Practices and Ethics 20

Subject Definition:

The History and Advancement of Therapeutic Massage

This topic will introduce the history overview of massage, the requirements for the practice of therapeutic massage and professional ethics for massage practitioners.

Anatomy and Physiology

This topic will cover learning objectives, human anatomy and physiology and special senses.

Health and Hygiene

This topic will teach stress management, human relationships, universal precautions, sanitary conditions, personal hygiene, therapeutic exercise, first aid and CPR.

Massage Practice

This topic will cover:

  • Learning objectives
  • Effects, benefits, indications, and contraindications of massage
  • Equipment and products
  • Sanitary and safety practices
  • Consultation and documentation
  • Classical massage movements
  • Application of massage technique
  • Procedures for complete body massages
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Massage in the spa setting
  • Clinical massage techniques
  • Lymph massage
  • Therapeutic procedure
  • Athletic/sports massage
  • Massage for special populations
  • Massage in medicine
  • Other somatic therapies

Massage Techniques

This topic will cover Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology, chair massage, sport massage, Shiatsu, and acupressure techniques.

Business Practices

We place a strong emphasis on the learning of business and professional skills. A set of guides to the Code of Ethics to professional conduct of massage therapist will be discussed in the class. Want to know how to become a massage therapist in California? Out-of-state? We will teach you how.