Massage Therapy Certification – A Millennial Career for the 21st Century

Massage Therapy Certification – A Millennial Career for the 21st Century:

A significant amount of news coverage has been given to “Generation Y,” or “The Millennial Generation” – most often considered to be individuals born between 1980 and 1994. Growing up in the 21st century entails greater privilege and greater hardship than previous generations have faced. One thing’s for sure – members of this generation are needed to fill critical healthcare job gaps, one of which just might be massage therapy.

Cosmotek College Awarded The Overall School Winner for two consecutive years! 2008 & 2009. Presented by the California Cosmetology Association, the Nino Faggiano Student Team Competition with participations of over 40 beauty schools throughout California. The massage therapy education trains students to have a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology, which is essential for effective massage treatment. The scientific background of the massage therapy certification program allows students of massage to understand how different body parts and systems work together – and how, if one system is out of whack, a massage client can feel ill or out-of-sorts all over.

This education is popular with the younger generation because it leads to a career with worker-defined office conditions. Young workers can choose what type of massage therapy they will specialize in, decorate their offices however they choose, and determine what kinds of massage oils, wraps, and techniques they will use on their clients. This generation of young adults, who grew up with technology, views “cool” careers like massage therapy in a positive light.

It’s no wonder, with all of these positives – cool job description, health-positive benefits, job stability, and a low-cost education – that Generation Y is turning massage therapy into a career of the future.

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